Turkey in 4 days

Hello beautiful people!!! 😊

I recently went to the beautiful city of Istanbul in Turkey and I thought I’d share my trip with you all.

It was such a beautiful city and the highlight of the trip was definitely their Turkish tea/coffee and their ice cream and baklava😍

I have never tasted ice cream so creamy and baklava so fresh and crisp 😋🤤 my mouths watering just thinking about it!

Day 1

First day we spent walking around the European part of the city – I did around 30k steps as we got lost just a little trying to find our way back to the hotel. But we discovered a lot of cheap markets full of fake goods. We somehow managed to find an amazing restaurant (which I can’t remember what it’s called but I’ll find out and comment below) the food was delicious! I love Turkish food as it is but this was just soooo tasty! Best thing about turkey is everything is just so cheap – I ate to my hearts content – ice cream was like 80p!!! 🙈

Can I just say our hotel (Sura Hagia) was in the best location as you could see the blue mosque from our window, with only a 2 minute walk to the tourist hot spots.

Day 2

We spent the second day on the Hop on hope off bus – if you’ve read any of my previous travel blogs then you’ll know how much I love these buses, they’re so convenient and take you to all the touristy spots which means you don’t miss anything.

Turkey has amazing architecture and you can find more photos on my Instagram: zedzii

I have to say I spent more time shopping and eating more than anything… the next 2 days were relaxing. I do wish we booked a day trip to Cappadocia as I really wanted to see the stunning view of the sky filled with hot air balloons 🎈

Anyways thanks for reading!

Love Zed

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