4 days in Marrakech

Hey Everyone! How are you guys doing?! So I've just come back from Marrakech and all I can say is, it was AMAZING!!!! I've always wanted to go but I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I had heard so many mixed reviews; but to be honest I had a great time and I'd …

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Next stop Morocco

Hey everyone! It's been forever since my last post πŸ™ˆ I've been so busy with work and studying that I've made no time for my blog - I know it's terrible right?! So let me just quickly catch up with ya'll on what I've been doing: To be honest I haven't exactly been that interesting …

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Turkey in 4 days

Hello beautiful people!!! 😊 I recently went to the beautiful city of Istanbul in Turkey and I thought I'd share my trip with you all. It was such a beautiful city and the highlight of the trip was definitely their Turkish tea/coffee and their ice cream and baklava😍 I have never tasted ice cream so …

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